Mycobacterium Tuberculosis INH Resistance

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This kit is used to qualitatively detect the gene mutation of the 315th amino acid of the katG gene (K315G>C) and the gene mutation of the promoter region of the InhA gene (- 15 C>T).

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HWTS-RT002A-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis INH Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR)


Myanmar FDA


Isoniazid, a key anti-tuberculosis drug introduced in 1952, is one of the most effective drugs for combined treatment of active tuberculosis and a single drug for latent tuberculosis.

KatG is the main gene encoding catalase-peroxidase and katG gene mutation can promote the synthesis of mycolic acid cell wall, making the bacteria resistant to isoniazid. KatG expression is negatively correlated with changes in INH-MIC, and a 2-fold decrease in katG expression results in a slightly larger 2-fold increase in MIC. Another cause of isoniazid resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis occurs when base insertion, deletion or mutation occurs in the InhA gene locus of mycobacterium tuberculosis.


ROX inhA (-15C>T) site·

katG (315G>C) site



Technical Parameters

Storage  ≤-18℃ In dark

12 months

Specimen Type


CV ≤5.0%

1 × 103 bacteria/mL


No-cross reactivity with the mutations of the four drug resistance sites (511, 516, 526 and 531) of the rpoB gene outside the detection range of the detection kit.

Applicable Instruments

Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR Systems

Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems

QuantStudio®5 Real-Time PCR Systems

SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR Systems

LightCycler®480 Real-Time PCR system

LineGene 9600 Plus Real-Time PCR Detection System

MA-6000 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler

BioRad CFX96 Real-Time PCR System

BioRad CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR System

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