Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA

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It is suitable for qualitative detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA in human clinical sputum samples, and is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

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HWTS-RT001-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR)
HWTS-RT105-Freeze-dried Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR)




Mycobacterium culosis is referred to as Tubercle bacillus(TB). Mycobacterium tuberculosis that is pathogenic to humans is now generally considered to be of human, bovine, and African types. Its pathogenicity may be related to the inflammation caused by the proliferation of bacteria in tissue cells, the toxicity of bacterial components and metabolites, and the immune damage to the bacterial components. Pathogenic substances are associated with capsules, lipids and proteins.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis can invade susceptible organisms through the respiratory tract, digestive tract or skin injury, causing tuberculosis of various tissues and organs, of which the most common is pulmonary tuberculosis through the respiratory tract. It usually occurs in children, and presents with symptoms such as low-grade fever, night sweats, and a small amount of hemoptysis. Secondary infection is mainly manifested as low-grade fever, night sweats, and hemoptysis. Mostly it is long-term chronic disease. In 2018, about 10 million people around the world were infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, of which about 1.6 million died.


FAM Target (IS6110 and 38KD) nucleic acid DNA
VIC (HEX) Internal control

Technical Parameters

Storage Liquid:  ≤-18℃ In dark ; Lyophilized: ≤30℃ In dark
Shelf-life 12 months
Specimen Type Sputum
Ct ≤39
CV Lyophilized:≤5.0%, Liquid: <5.0%
LoD 1 bacteria/mL
Specificity No cross-reactivity with the human genome and other non-Mycobacterium tuberculosis and pneumonia pathogens
Applicable Instruments It can match the mainstream fluorescent PCR instruments on the market.
SLAN-96P Real-Time PCR Systems
ABI 7500 Real-Time PCR Systems
ABI 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR Systems
QuantStudio®5 Real-Time PCR Systems
LightCycler®480 Real-Time PCR Systems
LineGene 9600 Plus Real-Time PCR Detection Systems
MA-6000 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler
BioRad CFX96 Real-Time PCR System, BioRad
CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR System

Total PCR Solution

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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA Detection Kit7

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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA Detection Kit8

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