Eudemon™ AIO800 Automatic Molecular Detection System

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EudemonTM AIO800 Automatic Molecular Detection System equipped with magnetic bead extraction and multiple fluorescent PCR technology can quickly and accurately detect nucleic acid in samples, and truly realize clinical molecular diagnosis “Sample in, Answer out”.

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Eudemon™ AIO800 Automatic Molecular Detection System


Fully automatic Sample in answer out
Extraction Magnetic bead, compatible with a variety of sample types
Fully integrated Ail-in-one system
Anti-pollution UV disinfection, efficient filtration system
High Accuracy 4 channels, multiplex PCR technology
Full scene No molecular laboratory required, wide application scenarios

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Model Eudemon™ AI0800
Heating rate ≥ 5 °C/s 
Cooling rate ≥ 4 °C/s
Sample types Serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, stool, sputum, etc.
Throughput 8
Extraction Magnetic bead
Fluorescence Channel FAM,VIC,ROX,CY5
Reagents Liquid and lyophilized reagents
Anti-pollution system UV disinfection, high efficiency HEPA filtration
Dimensions 415(L)X620(W)X579(H)

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