Germany MEDICA ended perfectly!

MEDICA, the 55th Dü sseldorf Medical Exhibition, ended perfectly on 16th. Macro & Micro-Test shines brilliantly at the exhibition! Next, let me bring you a wonderful review of this medical feast!


We are honored to present you with a series of cutting-edge medical technologies, products and solutions. Our exhibition includes automatic nucleic acid extractor, automatic nucleic acid detection integrated analysis system (EudemonTM AIO800), Easy Amp real-time fluorescence constant temperature detection system, fluorescence immunoassay system, and a series of rich product lines.

Eudemon™ AIO800 Atomatic Molecular Detection System

Through these exhibitions, we let visitors personally feel the infinite charm of medical technology. Our automatic nucleic acid extractor has won wide acclaim for its efficient and accurate performance. The fully automatic integrated analysis system for nucleic acid detection (EudemonTM AIO800) demonstrates our innovative ability in the field of medical detection. At the same time, Easy Amp real-time fluorescence constant temperature detection system and fluorescence immunoassay system have also attracted much attention, which will bring more convenient and accurate detection schemes to the medical industry.



In addition, we have conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with many colleagues in the industry to discuss the future development trend of the medical industry. Thanks to all visitors and partners for their concern and support, we will continue to work hard to bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the medical industry!



Post time: Nov-17-2023