2023 AACC | An Exciting Medical Testing Feast!

From July 23rd to 27th, the 75th Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo (AACC) was successfully held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, USA! We would like to express our gratitude for your support and attention to our company's significant presence in the clinical testing field at the USA AACC exhibition! During this event, we witnessed the latest technology and innovations in the medical testing industry, and explored future development trends together. Let's review this fruitful and inspiring exhibition:



At this exhibition, Macro & Micro-Test showed the latest medical testing technologies and products, including the fully automated nucleic acid testing analysis system and rapid diagnostic testing (fluorescent immunoassay platform), which attracted widespread attention from participants. Throughout the exhibition, we actively engaged in exchanges and discussions with top experts, scholars, and industry leaders from both domestic and international fields. These exciting interactions allowed us to deeply learn and share the latest research achievements, technological applications, and clinical practices.

 1.Fully automatic nucleic acid detection and analysis system   (EudemonTM AIO800)

We introduced the EudemonTM AIO800, a fully automated integrated nucleic acid testing system, which integrates sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, and result interpretation. This system enables rapid and accurate testing of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) in samples, playing a vital role in epidemiological investigations, clinical diagnosis, disease monitoring, and meeting the clinical demand for "sample in, result out" molecular diagnostics.

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2.Rapid Diagnostic Test (POCT)   (Fluorescence immunoassay platform)

Our existing fluorescent immunoassay system enables automatic and rapid quantitative testing with just a single sample card, making it suitable for various scenarios. The advantages of this system include high sensitivity, good specificity, and a high level of automation. Moreover, its extensive product line allows for the diagnosis of various hormones, sex hormones, tumor markers, cardiovascular markers and myocardial markers.

 The 75th AACC concluded perfectly, and we sincerely thank all friends who visited and supported Macro & Micro-Test. We eagerly look forward to meeting you again next time!

 Macro & Micro-Test will continue to actively explore, seize new opportunities, create high-quality products, focus on the development of medical equipment, and actively promote the development of the in vitro diagnostics industry. We will strive to work hand in hand with the industry, complement each other's strengths, open up new markets, establish high-quality cooperation with customers, and jointly upgrade the entire industry chain.


Post time: Aug-01-2023